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Make It Happen
uh uh ,yeah ooowwww.
hey, [ice , ice ]
you wont know anything
unless you try
might end up falling
but you just might fly [prrrr]
you know its all about
what you believe
and maybe something extra
up your sleeve!

up your sleeve!

listen what i say
nothing's gettin in the way,
there's no fear tht can stop us
and no reason to delay
gonna give it all we got
yeah, we ain't afraid to play
so watch out for it
we're gonna make it happen

I won't be whinnin bout
what might have been
you know i'm not too big
on givin in [ok]
i use whatever spell
the law allows
that is ofcourse
if i knew how
[and she knows , whoooo!]
(repeat first paragraph)
we're not afraid to fall
yeah , we're goin for it all
there's a method to
our madnesss
yeah, we're answerin the call
if we use a little magic
well we really can't recall
all we know is that
we're gonna make it happen
yeah owwwwwww!
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